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Is the value of your upgrade the same in different models of he vehicle?

I noticed the price goes up for your upgrade (i.e. Stock vs. GT level 9 cost roughly 500 gold more, I don't quite remember), but is the level 9 for the GT more powerful? 
Merely, curiosity and trying to figure out a ball park estimate one how big of a jump each model will give you.

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  • Hutch_GsearchHutch_Gsearch Posts: 2,597 admin
    Accepted Answer
    You designed it this way to TORTURE ME! So I would grind away my life trying to get the car a bit better so I can beat the times of the people in this forum who I added on friend code!  Like Mike B, and Jason L  and David H who haunt my leader board with hundredths of a second better times. GRRRRR!


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