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Really enjoying Race off. Here are my thoughts

Hi guys. 
Just wanted to say I really enjoy playing your game. Gameplay is perfect for mobile, cars are beautiful, Tracks are fun and challenging. 

My thoughs, gripes and just bainstorming arround as I write. 

Everytime I play I think:"man those tracks in the background look superfun. Why can't I race those?" how about adding some more elemets to the game? Like spiraling arround a skyscraper, looping through a canyion, racing through a haunted house... Please add more elements from the wall tracks series also. 

How about adding more cars in the series? Like a sixth or seventh car in each category? 

In my opinion, there are some 3rd cars that are better than 4thcars. F. E. Muscle Speeder is better than D Muscle. That thing is horrible. It almost flips every time at full throttle. It is running to low and dips in loopings and on hills. Also his explosive antenna is to far in the back. If you simply back up against a wall there is a chance that it will randomly explode. Please look into that car. The others are mostly fine. 

Some of the coins are to high up in the air to been collected by some low cars. They barely touching the hight of the antenna. Is that intended or should they be lowered? The total amount of coins looks to be a little low. It takes forever to collect enough coins to buy upgrades. I know that this is a way to force people to buy gems... But a slightly increase would not hurt. I personally bought a gem pack to get rid of the commercials... Don't make me regret it. 

In Multiplayer, there is no benefit to use weak cars. If you do, you probably loose, if you don't you win coins for fully upgraded cars. Please cluster the MP Tracks with coins or make the reward in gems so that you can use your strongest cars. Maybe use all cars against each other like Street Creeper Versus Bone Shacker or something. It would be cool when stunt points add to your total time in MP. Maybe the one with the most stunt EP gets special points? Maybe flips gains you a short turbo boost when landing? Just think outside the box. 

Add more tracks and cars soon. Let us race all cars on all tracks in practice mode, add rewards for reaching 3 Stars on a track or beating your own fastest time. 

Why do cars use fuel when not accelerating? How about saving fuel when not boosting? 

Keep up the good work and add more cars and tracks. 

Best regards
Dom (male 37) ;) 


  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    Great idea, but there's only one problem, dragon blaster goes faster than Bone Shaker and Rodger Dodger goes faster than Dragon Blaster, and Shark Bite goes faster than Rodger Dodger, and Rig Storm goes faster than Shark Bite - each car in every category goes a little faster so you would have to use Muscle Speeder against Mountain Mawler in speed, I just thought of right now having MultiPlayer crazy Races I just made it start out with a bunch of little bumps, and then you have to climb up a steep hill, with tennis **** coming down the hill, then you have to go through a 1000 meter zigzag tunnel then push 5 boulders on the track, the last part each person has 5 different tracks to go on - they all lead to the finish but they're not the same length, each person has 2 tracks that has flying boulders, and they move different places each race, the last 100 meters you dart towards the finish
  • Guyofthe80tiesGuyofthe80ties Posts: 28
    It would depend on how many cars you have unlocked. If one chlenges you in Boneshaker and you have not unlocked it yet, you can go with Sharkbite for instance. Just an idea. 

    But heres another thought, building up on yours: multiplayer challenge tests. Not a simple race but push the boulder, go with one fuel can, Trailer pushing etc. 

    And we need more boosters and loopings... Seriously. 

  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    Yes, but I do have all cars unlocked from RipRod to Rig Storm, and theyre all maxxed out plus I got all levels 1-50. OK, for the last 500 meters how about have 10 chutes going down a hill and then 5 loops in a row - sounds better? 
  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    ...dont mean to sound greedy
  • Guyofthe80tiesGuyofthe80ties Posts: 28
    I don't meant you personally. Congrats to unlocking every car. But wouldn't it be nice to have something more to keep you interrested? I like the challenging tracks a lot but I think it would be great to just have a speed track with boosters, spirals and loops to just see which car is the fastest. 

    It's just ideas here. 
  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    How about a speed tester race - its about 1000 meters long, because you go so fast on it...just a big bunch of boosters in a row on a straight track, then you can race the cars and see who's faster. Thats just one of them, fir the fastest car on straight-aways. I would think the best one on that would be Rig Storm...and what about a bunch a pf hoops in a row, see who's the fastest on hoops. How about try D-Muscle for that one. And then a bunch of really high hills, see who's the fastest on hills, I would think Rig Storm. And how about the farthest stunt? have a gauge that measures how far your stunt was. I would think Rig Storm would be good for that, too...
    when you get Rig Storm, he's really good. 
    What Im really trying to say is having different tracks of the same thing and seeing which car is the best at that thing, right?
  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    Do you wanna race against me? Im a little bit of a challenge to beat, and if you do want to race against me, my friend code is RDPE54HK
    youre up for the challenge, here it is.
  • FastFreddyFastFreddy Posts: 4
    Great ideas hopefully the next set is great 

  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    The next set is great, it is half built at the moment and is a lot of fun.  I think you will all love it!
    Great ideas and feedback there, keep em coming!
  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    If the cars in that set could help, you would be ready today ... And I want to ask muscle speeder to carry the tracks around to you
    Im really excited, and I want set 7 to be a really cool one - its a construction one where you have City Work cars, you push boulders and dirt covers the track, the race is who gets to the end of the track first with boulders in the way, and theres also mud races where you have to go through mud, but theres a of the City Work toy cars is a taxi which is not very good at anything at that set - he would probably be a starter car. And then theres the last track, which is super gotta go through deep snow while pushing boulders, and in the snow theres some mud ditches, and then, when you dont even know it, you fall down a bigger jump than level 49, theres rocks right above the jump, so when you go down you see giant boulders above when you make the jump, its tricky not to explode. Just a thought. And the best at that level I would think would be Snow Plowed. 
  • Guyofthe80tiesGuyofthe80ties Posts: 28
    edited May 2017
    So some more thoughts...It is kind of sad that Cars 1 to 4 become pretty useless once you have all cars upgraded. So why use Dune it up anymore although he is faster on some tracks than Bone Shacker? What is the point in using different cars? Nothing! So to fix that "issue" MP Rewards should be Diamonds or "Universal Coins" which can be used to upgrade any car.

    And what about random MP Tracks, or MP only Tracks? Tracks that can be beat by any car. I don't like it when I get stuck on a hill because my car is to low. Anyone should play MP and enjoy it, you shouldn't have to unlock every car first.

    So Random MP Tracks and every car vs. every other car, no matter the group. Change car stats in MP or make every car the same in MP so that everyone can use their favourite car and still stand a chance. That is what Hot Wheels is all about.

    Another thing... show us which car our opponent is driving. and let us send short messages to brag about our win at the end of the race. or if our opponent was close and it was a foto finish... lot's of ideas here folks, use them.

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