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April 2017 Android Update

alecwoodalecwood Posts: 2
Noting the following problems after the update
1. The advertising videos just end, they don't give you the promised reward, closing the advert video at the end just takes you back to the screen giving you the option of viewing it for the appropriate reward
2. After 4 races or so the old version used to take you to an advertising video when you pressed the on screen right arrow button, now it does nothing, in such cases the device's back button doesn't work either. Solution is to kill the program by task manager and restart it


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hi Alecwood.  Sorry about that, we had a bug in the ads system.
    1. Should be fixed in the latest version 1.0.5761
    2. I know the ad you mean and we have spoken to the ad provider about it.  They are working on a fix, so hopefully they will either get it sorted soon or will remove it from the cycle of adverts.
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