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Prize cars

How tot unlock a prize car form different brands? Is this possible, do you have to collect alle the brand cars tot recovery to prize cars. There is know discription / how to on the forum.


  • HutchJackHutchJack Posts: 130 ✭✭✭
    To unlock the Prize Collection cars, you need to collect every car from that Manufacturer and then go it will unlock after you go into the Manufacturer section of the All Cars Collection. 
  • romeoromeo Posts: 13
    It would be better that you don't have to have them but had them or have them. As a beginner it's impossible to have 20 or 30 slots.
  • Hutch_JonathanHutch_Jonathan Posts: 83 Mod
    We agree and are discussing at the moment. Hopefully have a solution soon!
  • TehCelosTehCelos Posts: 2
    Maybe make it possible to send cars to the collection book? It will make them unavailable to use but it will register as a car you have 
  • belacbelac Posts: 2
    A collection book would be good, I would have put all my stupid thing cars into that rather than selling them for like 125 or 250.
  • belacbelac Posts: 2
    *bad (I have bad -> stupid thing as an auto correct sorry)
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