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Can we have a moment of silence please

I was upgrading my cars last night just before I went to bed so they would be ready this morning. 

I merged 3 cars and while that was under way I went to finish a race off, and omg when I went to pick my Evo, it was gone. I thought it was a glitch at first, or maybe it had moved because I had scrapped some cars, but it's gone. 

All i can assume is I must have inadvertently flicked it into the merge and not noticed. 

Damn it was a good car too. I used it in almost every race because it was so versatile. I have another, newer Evo now and it's not a patch on my first one. 

So annoyed with myself. I'll have to try to replace it. 


  • SjonnieDavisSjonnieDavis Posts: 60 ✭✭
  • racer30racer30 Posts: 17
    Feels so bad. I though I had a newer Evo but it's actually a WRX and it's tihs. It sucks too because it's an A car and I don't want to fuse my B cars into it so I'll have to hold out until I get more B cars I don't need and upgrade it more, but I miss my Evo. 
  • NumarNumar Posts: 1,732 ✭✭✭✭✭
    RIP man i did the same with a yellow Vauxhall that can beat final stage's KTM ... now i'm stuck at final boss and got kicked badly in pvp cause i dont have the maclaren
  • racer30racer30 Posts: 17
    I just beat the final stage today and it was really a fluke. I had to take the whooping from the Mclaren but I was able to win the other 4 stages and that totalled more than what the Mclaren beat me by. I know I definitely used the red Camaro with everything 1-3 mod, I used my red Mustang which I think is fully modded, and I used a GMC black SUV, I used the silver Lotus Elise in the slalom, and the last stage I used a Nissan Silvia rally car. What I think I did was use my Mercedes CLS-400 against the Mclaren, then the Camaro, the Elise, the GMC and then the Silvia. I couldn't believe I had done it, and winning the Mclaren is a massive boost. 

  • jon5465jon5465 Posts: 3
    They need to introduce a feature which allows us to lock our prized vehicles down. I did this with a similar game & still to this day regret not paying closer attention. 
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