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Crash in lvl 35

bdub23bdub23 Posts: 1
game crashes in lvl 35 when timer hits 10:51 every single time. Please fix it


  • OnkyOnky Posts: 4
    There's a few bugs on lvl 35.. it's random on the amount of box's you have to smash through also when you push the caravan in the mud at times the fuel can is hit an miss if it's there or not.. very annoying to play  
  • Ser_ArtoriasSer_Artorias Posts: 1
    The only issue I’ve been having on level 35 is that I literally can not beat it because no fuel has ever spawned right before the last water portion. Can’t make it with the tank or amphibian.
  • LeviscusTemprisLeviscusTempris Posts: 3
    It crashed on me last night after 10 mins as well. I didn't know this happened to someone else. This may be a bug. 
  • foosgodfoosgod Posts: 2
    Crashes on me every time before the finish 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😜
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