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A Toast To Awesome!

I've really been enjoying MMX Hill Climb a lot (even if it is more frustrating than a Rubix cube).

In fact, I'd like to take a small amount of time and applaud Hutch on how they treat micro-transactions within MMX Hill Climb. Instead of limiting certain vehicles to purchase only, they've made them all earnable! With enough determination (maybe a battery recharge or three), all vehicles can be had. This is nearly unheard of anymore. I wish more companies would take notice of this. Hutch doesn't stop there, oh no. There's a countdown every 10 hours to earn gold AND a choice to DOUBLE the gold given out at that time. The amount varies each time and you might have to watch an advert once in awhile, but who cares? You don't have to press the gift icon. It's a really nice touch for those of us wishing to play for free, but also have a backup plan for unlocking tracks or vehicles that seem just that little bit out of reach. This allows access to everything, no matter the skill or age of the player.

Is the game perfect? Well, to be honest, nothing is. I don't like how a beach ball that barely skips over the roof of any vehicle can destroy it, or how a pipe bursting blows off all the wheels, kind of makes the vehicles that are supposed to be big and burly feel a bit cheap, but I think these elements were designed that way on purpose. Just my personal feelings, really. 

Top shelf, Hutch! 


  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for the great feedback SgtNuker. Very good to hear that you are enjoying the game.
    Free2Play does not need to be synonymous with frustration and pay-walling. It's a credit to the design team that they created a great game that is accessible and fun, with plenty of life in it.

    The idea behind the vehicles exploding is the small ball on the top. If that gets hit, the vehicle goes kaboom.
    It stretches realism a bit, maybe. But then so does a tank doing a full loop. It's all for the fun.
  • SgtNukerSgtNuker Posts: 21
    I honestly thought that little ball was just a trademark of the game. It all makes so much sense now. Thanks for the tip!
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